Cumulocity IoT May 2023 update

The latest release of Cumulocity IoT, version 10.16, is now available.

Cumulocity IoT’s latest release enhances the overall user experience, enabling you to further embrace a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

Highlights of the latest release include:

Extend any Cumulocity IoT UI application easily using Extension Packages. These allow developers to create additional functionality for your IoT applications such as new widgets to better visualize your IoT data. Learn More

Extension packages can contain Plugins and also Blueprints. Blueprints enable for the distribution of entire applications, making it simple to deploy and manage customized applications. Learn More

One-click installation of many free open-source plugins is now available, adding additional capabilities to your IoT applications. The plugins page for an application connects with the Software AG GitHub repository and provides access to a number of open-source plug-ins. Learn More

Additional filtering options and the option to set custom columns are now available across all device lists in Device Management, simplifying the process of finding and selecting the right devices.

The LoRaWAN integration now supports Actility ThingPark Enterprise as well as new core capabilities for Loriot. Learn More

Conncect devices to the Enterprise version of Actility ThingPark

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Cumulocity IoT now permits your teams to perform proof of possession actions. Your teams can now introduce certificate chains incorporating multiple intermediary certificates with the ability to upload any intermediate certificate in the chain as the trust anchor.

An Alarm Management iOS Mobile App with a push notification capability is now available on GitHub as an open-source application. You can extend it as your use case requires and can then publish your app on the Apple App Store using your own branding. Learn More

A new timeseries data model for measurement data provides improved database stability and better use of the underlying infrastructure for new tenants. This reduction in platform stress results in smoother query performance.​​​​​​​

You can now manage user roles provided by external Identity and Access Management (IAM) services directly from within Cumulocity IoT, making managing Single Sign-on (SSO) easier.

You can refer to the Cumulocity IoT 10.16 release notes for the full details on everything included in this release.

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