What utility is being used for copy and paste of a module?

I have set up some restrictions in Natural Security for SYSMAIN, but I can still copy and paste from 1 library to another in SPoD. What Utility is being used and what restrictions have to be set in Security to disallow this? Also does this copy the XREF data?

Red Hat Linux Natural

Windows XP Pro Natural

You are on the right track, it’s the SYSMAIN profile :wink:

Are you, by any chance, setting the restrictions on the “default” profile while there’s a “user profile” for SYSMAIN that’s overriding it, i.e. alowing more than the default profile ?

Now why was I able to to cut and paste the other day but it is working as expected today…
I guess I had something defined differently or else I am slowly losing my mind. I think its the latter. :oops:

To answer my own question - the XREF data IS being copied (assuming SYSMAIN is allowed.