Avoid CUT and PASTE

Hello Everyone,
Could you please help me to lock the CUT/COPY/PASTE options belongs to the tool bar at the Natural for Windows.
Thanks in advanced

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You can remove them from an individual PC by clicking Tools –> Customize, then drag the icons from the toolbar. To stop the user from restoring them, you can also remove the Customize entry from the Tools menu in the same way, but this would stop the user from any menu and toolbar customizations.

Customization of the menus and toolbars prior to installation is possible, but tricky, sometimes involving Registry edits. This is not documented (and not supported, I presume) by SAG.

Just sat down at the computer, and haven’t tried this yet.

But, even if I remove the copy option from the toolbar, won’t ctrl-c still copy selected code? Even if it doesn’t, I have a PC utility called Clipmate; surely that would not be impacted by a change in a Natural toolbar; especially since I can use a “lasso” feature of Clipmate to copy anything, anywhere; text, pictures, icons from my desktop, etc.

Which brings up the question of why you would want to disable cut/copy/paste?


Hi Steve,
The thing is the customer transfer objects between FUSERs using copy/paste instead of using SYSOBJH.


Natural Security will protect target libraries, but if they can copy via ObjH, why disallow copying via drag-n-drop or copy/paste? What difference does the method make?

Hi Ralph,
Ok using NSC I can lock the library but is the DBA who make a copy and paste.



Are you trying to prevent customers from copying proprietary code? If so, the only way I know to do this is not deploy the source code to the customers, just the object code.

If a user can see the source code, and they want the source code, there is no way to keep them from “acquiring” the source code. At worst, they could take a screen snap, print it out, then re-key it. If they were a bit smarter, they could take a screen snap and download one of the many free ocr routines to translate the snap into text.

What exactly are you trying to achieve?