What to restore after failed Impact Execution

After running for nearly 2 hours the Impact Execution failed with a NAT3047 - NISNHQ value exceeded. I can’t find anything in the documentation about what to do when things go wrong, but my assumption is that I should restore the database from the backup taken after the load? Are there any other intermediate non-database files I should get rid of? The Impact Execution is greyed out so I also assume the job is not restartable. I have upped the NISNHQ (obviously!)
Priscilla Fuller


There are no intermediate files to be concerned about.

After altering you Adabas nuclues parameters, such restart NEE and you should be Ok just to re-run the impact analysis.

You do not need to restore the DB due to a failure in impact analysis as the re-execution of the impact analysis will tidy up before it gets going.