FDIC - Restore from ADASAV


I am preparing to convert PRD from version 4.3 to 4.6, and I chose implace process instead of unload/load, because I am not sure if the data is Ok or not, and inplace process doesnt check anything.

In order to start the process of this conversion, I also decided to do all the process out of the real environment, so, I restored FDIC (from adasav) in other database. The question is: I have read in someplace that I need to do any adjust on this FDIC, since I have changed the database or/and file number. Do I need to do anything? What and where would be? I am not sure if the action would be only because the xref is activated or if there is anything else.

Does anyone know anything about it?


Not for Pre-dict itself, afaik, just make sure your FDIC settings correctly point to the new database,
but you might want to move the Coordinator FDIC to the other database as well and point to it correctly.