When I run a job with one utility (ADASAV SAVE), (ADASAV RESTORE) and (ADAORD REORDB) what each does?
I searched the manual and found nothing talking.
I’m not with parameters of doubt want to know how to work each.

From this URL [url][/url] you get a list of utilities. Click on ADAORD or ADASAV to see an overview followed by parameter descriptions followed by JCL samples.

What more do you need?

ADAORD can be used to restructure a file/database. That means the data is physically reorganized. The ISNs are kept. You can run such an reorder as well ONLINE via AOS :idea:

With ADAORD RESTRUCTURE you can create a sequential output file which can then be stored to a different database with ADAORD STORE. This is compared to ADAULD and ADALOD faster and the ISNs are kept without any special attention.

ADAORD does need EXCLUSIVE access :!:

ADASAV can be used for regular copies of your data for recovery reasons. You can do this as well with operating system functions, but then these are not synchronized with the Adabas Server which then should not run in parallel. And you cannot select specific Adabas files (tables).

ADASAV can run in parallel to active users using the database and the copy of the file/database can then be used together with the PLOG (the journal where the Adabas Server stores the update activity) to do recovery in case of failure (see RESTONL functions)

ADASAV is much faster than ADAORD but the data will not be restructured and the database where the date gets stored needs to have the same physical structure (Device type) as the database where you copied the data from. Typically it is the SAME database.

Thank you Ralph Zbrog and Ursula Noll;

I have a database is very large, the best output (at the time) BACKUP, DELETE FILES, one REORDB (with few files) and RESTORE the deleted files a REORDB (entire database) suspect will take a longer time.

The last REORDB database runing 23 hours two years ago, today the database has 50 discs more.

Reorganized the database; :smiley:

We change the type of cartridge - Seven hours running - to adasav save, delete files(except system files and another 5 small files), adaord reordb, adasav restore (of deleted files);
I believe that swirled (adaord reordb) would take twice as long;