Using ADASAV RESTORE FILES with moved SAVE data sets

When ADASAV SAVE data sets have been moved by an external copy product to a new z/OS tape volume with the same device type as the original SAVE data set(s), will the RESTORE FILES operation be able to properly restore the requested files?

I.e. does ADABAS retrieve the SAVE file(s) strictly by using the z/OS catalog to find the file specified in the DDRESTn statement(s), and expect that the file(s) will be located on the same device type as when written by the ADASAV SAVE job?

Statements in the RESTORE FILES documentation lead me to believe that this will be OK for Adabas version 5.1 or above.

(I am working for a software vendor on behalf of a customer who has ADABAS without access to ADABAS myself - otherwise I would simply try it!)


Copying backup files won’t cause any problems. Everything that Adabas needs is in the backup.

The operating system has no knowledge of the files in the database; only Adabas does. The catalog has entries only for the container files (eg DATA and ASSOciator).

(Although, one might argue that zOS is aware of Adabas files when RACF or Top Secret control access to them via Adabas SAF.)