Help! my DBA has is sick and unavailable...

and I need to initialize an adabas file and then reload… can someone point me to some directions or documentation… very much appreciated…

You probably need ADALOD. And, of course, you probably should run ADASAV and/or ADAULD to backup the file before you muck with it!

The ideal scenario is if your DBA, although sick and unavailable (which I am interpreting, perhaps incorrectly) could be reached by phone. Your DBA not only has used ADALOD, and ADASAV, etc, they know any peculiarities of your Adabas/Natural environment which could impact even somewhat trivial operations.

Next best, find a DBA at a shop near you. Get them to talk you through the procedure. Get your company to spring for the funds for you to take the other DBA out to dinner.

Next best, find someone in your shop who although not a DBA has done this even if only just once.

In last place. Read the documentation Douglas pointed out above, then back everything up (as Douglas said already) , then cross your fingers and go for it.