How to Delete old impact analysis reports?

We have a Natural Engineer environment that has several old Impact Analysis reports from where we were evaluating the product. We would like to delete these reports but can find nothing in the documentation that tells you how to do it. It is a simple request but one that has defeated us so far.Any ideas?

Go to Analysis → Impact Criteria → Advanced Options
That will present a list of all the different Impact Criteria specified.
Pick one & then press the ‘Delete’ Button.
Should do the trick.

Hi Brian,
While that works if we wish to delete Impact Versions or Criteria Summary the old Impact Reports are still available to view through the HTML5 web pages. It is the old reports we are trying to remove. Do we need to refresh the repository in some way after deleting a version etc?

Sounds like the details are still in the cache for the NEA web interface.
Therefore, try deleting the Browser Cache & check which caching options you are using on the Web Server.
If you open the context menu (Right Hand Click) on the ‘Site’ node, it should reveal ‘List Web Cache’
If you select all items & from the context menu select ‘Delete Cache Item’
Then try again.

We have tried deleting the browser cache - no change. By default our NEA web interface runs with cache switched off so we are having to rule that out.

Can you describe your set up please?
Which Web Server, whether Local/Server Mode, & using RPC or NAS Server?

Brian, thanks for the offer of further help but I think we are going further than “community help”. I think it is now time to speak to SAG. I will post their solution here.

Hi Ian,

Are you aware that SAG’s response to your problem will be the one provided to them by Brian? :slight_smile:

Cheers, Graeme

Hi Graeme. I was not aware of that. Thanks for that.
Apologies to Brian. I am now educated.

Looks like it is a caching issue related to I.E. We have advised our users not to use I.E. for Natural Engineer use as the results are unpredictable.