What runtime dll's do I need for dotNet client?

I have created a simple dotNet client that makes EntireX calls. I copied the appl (along with SoftwareAG.EntireX.NETWrapper.Runtime.dll) to another computer. When I try to execute it I get a runtime Exception = 20020000.

When I copy the 68 dlls in the :\Program Files\Common\SoftwareAG directory to the other PC, the application works.

The documentation says that I only need the .NETWrapper.Runtime, but clearly other(s) are need. Does anyone know which ones to include?


I was able to put just the SoftwareAG.EntireX.NETWrapper.Runtime dll on the machine executing the .Net app. I did have to install the assembly to the GAC using gacutil /i.

Hope this helps.

But shouldn’t the dotnet runtime dll work as a private assembly as well? It is not installed in the GAC on the development computer.

The .NETWrapper.Runtime DLL is not sufficient to run the application. It also need a subset of the Dlls installed in common files\software ag.

If you want to deploy your .NET application to a machine which has no EXX installation run the so-called MiniRuntime installation. The install is available as …\entirex\etc\entirexminiruntime.exe. It installs the necessary files to the common files folder.

That did it. I ran the entirexminiruntime.exe and the application worked. Thanks