SoftwareAG.EntireX.NETWrapper.Runtime.ERX - Error

I am a .NET developer. I got the SoftwareAG.EntireX.NETWrapper.Runtime.dll and the .cs class from the Mainframe team.
I added the reference to the runtime dll and trying to logon, but I am getting the following error


do you know what the exception that was thrown is? did the error occur at the “new Broker” line or at the broker.Logon line? They are two substantially different items.

Please review the documentation for the .Net Wrapper to ensure you have followed the steps outlined there.

I got the error in the Logon step. But I browsed the forum and came to know that I need to have the entirexminiruntime installed in the development and server to get this working. So I installed them and it is working fine now.