20020011: Cannot load erx.dll


We are facing one issue 20020011: Cannot load erx.dll while initializing the Broker object.

This we are facing while connecting to entirex, through unit-test project [C#]

Same is working fine while connecting through web project [C#]. Both are under same solution, but strange one is working and one not, both refereeing to same DLL.

We are using below configuration
VS2010, Frame work 4.0
Software AG

FYI, we also found similar issue in the forum[below link] without any workaround, could you please assist what need to done to fix this issue.

[url]Web Service using EntireX erx.dll error - webMethods - Software AG Tech Community & Forums


Just FYI, if you its because of 32-64 bit parts mixing …
We have installed 32 bit mode SAG using exx_dev_822.zip under Advanced Options – Image --User Installation Image --Install from image. It asked for a confirmation for 32 bit mode.

System type is 64 bit operating system , windows server 2008

entirexminiruntime_x32.exe is also installed

If your .NET application runs in 64-bit mode you need the 64-bit miniruntime.

Please be aware that 8.2.2 is an unsupported version.

I tried this. I didn’t find entirexminiruntime_x64.exe under my C:\SoftwareAG\EntireX\etc

So I installed entirex in D rive using Image “exx_dev64_822.zip” then i was able to see entirexminiruntime_x64.exe & entirexminiruntime_x32.exe under new installation folder D:\SoftwareAG\EntireX\etc

I uninstalled entirexminiruntime_x32.exe from control panel and re installed entirexminiruntime_x64.exe

But no success :frowning:

I suggest you contact support regarding this issue.

Please note: after Installation of the new Miniruntime you have to rebuild your application with our SoftwareAG.EntireX.NETWrapper.Runtime.dll from the new installation. There is a file SoftwareAG.EntireX.NETWrapper.Runtime.xml which has to be in the same Folder as the corresponding DLL. Otherwise loading the appropriate version of erx.dll (64/32-bit) might fail.

With Kind regards