What is webMethods architecture

Hi i’m new for webMethods platform can any one answer my query, will be thankfull in advance.
i have been asked " What is the architecture of webMethods 6.1?
how can i answer it on phone.


Spend time with the documentation available on webMethods Advantage or at least with the marketing literature on webMethods.com.

After you have done so, please feel free to ask more detailed questions here.

The wMusers forums are not a good substitute for doing your own study first. If you haven’t done so, you will not be able to give an adequate answer whether on the phone or, more importantly, on someone’s project.


I agree With Mark. Its for your own good that you sould not give interviews until you go through the documentation.

Anyways, I wanted to share little bit of knowledge that I gathered in the past few months.

When you are talking about architecture, talk about the arrangment of Webmethod Components. Generally, the TN, the Broker, and the adapters are installed on the same machine as IS. And the Developer, TN Console and the modeler are installed on different machines but on the same network as IS. You dont need the Broker all the time though. TN talks to the outside world (Internet).

Please go through the pdfs for more info.