What is USE_WRAPPER in server.sh?

What is USE_WRAPPER in server.sh used for? Currently the value is set to yes. We are using 9.5 IS. What would be the impact if this value is set to no?

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Please read this on the param question and reply from SAG:


Integration Server uses the Tanuki Java service wrapper to start and stop the server in a consistent manner on all platforms. The Integration Server can easily start as an application or as
a daemon process using a single startup script.

On Windows, it helps operation of components as Windows Service. On all platforms, you can look at this as a separate process that monitors product JVM for out of memory, deadlocks, loops, designation of JVM termination mode (dump or no, restart or no).

You may get further details about it at wrapper.tanukisoftware.com.

You may get details about configuring Tanuki Java Service Wrapper from Pg.17 of the “Working with Software AG Runtime” documentation.

URL for Configuring Tanuki Java Service Wrapper


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But starting Integration server by setting the property USE_WRAPPER=no in 9.7, is not working, it means Integration server is not getting started completely.
Do we have to add any other configurations to make it work???
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What could be the reason to change the property to ‘No’ when it is set to ‘Yes’ ?


Where did you change this and what made it to change to No from Yes?

Also if the issue still persists even after changing to Yes, please contact SAG support for 9.7.