what is the use of wmMonitor package

Hi All,

Kindly provide explanation on why this wmMonitory package is necessary.
how is it related to connectoins which are SSL enabled?
Do we need to disable this package when we restart the IS?

WmMonitor package is only needed if you are using any BPM/Task Engine/Service Auditing etc… purposes it talks to MWS via SAML.

If you are not using the above things you can disable it and make sure the log’s doesn’t throw any errors for this reason.



thank you for the reply. Faced situation like i was not able to enable the MQ connections which are SSL enabled.
Then i disabled the wmMonitor package and restarted the integration server and enabled the MQ connections.
then i was able to enable the same. I guess there are some more task will be performed by wmMonitor package other than handling BPM alone. Kindly comment on the same

Hi lance,

The Monitor UI primarily exists in My webMethods Server(MWS) is consists of portlets which make web service calls to view or changes the data. The WmMonitor package in the Integration Server is the heart of Monitor and its primary functionality consists of database access, web services and Monitor configuration. which is used for accessing and modifying process data that has been persisted in the processaudit database. The package contains web services that are invoked when the user displays or administers processes and process instances in MWS.
IS is configured for use with BPM processes, though this does not mean that IS is not used when dealing with BAM processes. In the event that an IS and an Analytic Engine(AE) have been configured within My webMethods Server(MWS), the Monitor portlets will use IS web services when possible.
WmMonitor package also needed for Task Engine and Service related stuffs etc.



the packages WmMonitor and WmMQAdapter are not related to each other.

Which version of wM are we referring to?

With the introduction of Keystore and Truststore aliases the configuration of secure MQ Connections has become much easier than without these.

This will require MQS_6.5_Fix22 as minimum.
TLS is fully supported with MQS_6.5_Fix30.


Thank you Holger and Arun for your quick reply.

WmMQAdapter MQS_6.5_Fix18. - Our current version of MQ Adapter.

@Holger - Correct me if my below understanding is wrong.
Problem statement: Was not able to enable the MQ connections.
Action: Disabled the wmMonitor package, restarted the IS and enabled the MQ connections.
Permanent solution : Install the later MQ fix, MQS_6.5_Fix30 to solve the issue. Once the fix has been installed then no need to disabling the wmMonitor package in case of restart.

Hi Lance,

as stated before there should be no need to disable WmMonitor-Package when enabling MQ-Connections.

There seems to be another issue with your MQ-Connections.

The possibility for using Keystore and Truststore Aliases has been introduced with MQS_6.5_Fix22.
Support for TLS-CipherSpecs has been introduced with MQS_6.5_Fix30 (specially for non-IBM JVMs).




Issue exists?

Lance – You better enable wmMonitor package, try to enable MQ connections, if you come across any errors kindly share the same so that we can diagnise what is the exact issue and we can try to resolve it.


We faced the same problem.

Solution is to install MQ_Fix_22 or latest fix and change the ssl of mq connection from keystore file to keystore and trust store alias.

After this , you dont need to disable WmMonitor package every time .


Thanks Manikanda for sharing your observations.


Hi All,

Issue got resolved.

Planning to install the latest fix (MQ_Fix_30) to solve the issue permanently.

Thank you all for the quick reply.