what is the role of UDDI in webservices

Hi Team,
In general concept we need to place the WSDL at UDDI directory. Anybody can help me to understand where exactly the UDDI exist like in our organization or any public domain…etc. I am trying to describe the situation, Suppose I have created one service in developer (7x), then I have create one provider node by using that service & generates the WSDL file.
We can consider that the webs ervice taking one parameter as input (Stock Code) & returning as one output parameter (Stock Price).
Now Do I need to put/move to WSDL to any other location?
Do I need to modify any content in WSDL?
Now how UDDI comes into picture?

Please guys help me on this.

Hi Javed,

As far as I know, UDDI is just a registry for SOA governance. In your organisation you need to have a UDDI setup for inquiry,security and publish. So whenever you want to publish a service to UDDI, you click on the provider. You will have an option “publish to UDDI registry”, click on that give UDDI credentials. For more SOA governance you can use centrasite.