Tamino UDDI Registry for Windows - Installation

I installed Tamino UDDI Registry for Windows, following all the steps of instalation, with the defaults. The UDDI Browser (http://localhost:8080/TaminoUddiBrowser) runs, I can go to INQUIRY but can’t go to PUBLISH (error 404). SOAP Inetractive Interface do not work. http://localhost:8080/SOAPInteractiveInterface —> (error 404) The Admin (http://localhost:8080/TaminoUddiRegistry/admin) can be started, but when I run it, it stop showing the word LOAD. Are any other instructions to follow?, I get instructions in the README File.

Hi, TaminoUDDIBrowser is not a fullfledged tool to inquire and especially publish the businesses. Admin is used to load the data from external registry which is also not a very mature client. Nevertheless, soap interactive interface is another GUI which is used for inquiring and publishing in the registry through soap requests. To make it working, you just need to deploy the war file in tomcat and change the web.xml according to your registry settings. Would recommend to use latest Tamino UDDI Registry. Thanks, Sonal.

Hi, I installed Tamino UDDI Registry for Windows, following the documentation of README file. I have the same problems as Decile. - SOAPInteractiveInterface shows the 404 error - The UDDI Browser runs, but I can’t go to PUBLISH - The Admin can be started, but it stop showing LOAD. I know that I have to modify web.xml, but could you tell which entries? Are these three applications needed to use the UDDI Registry? Thanks in advanced