Problems with Tamino

Hi all,
I downloaded the “Tamino UDDI registry” but it does not work with my tamino version (
When I try to create the database from backup, I get the following error : “Version is not installed”.

Would a new version ( of this product (or database backup) be available? How can I solve this problem?

AG Herrera.

currently there are no plans to provide a version especially for TAmino Find attached a zip file with the TSD4 schema of the uddi registry and some sample data. To create an uddi registry just create a database named uddi and import the schema to this this database, e.g. via the Tamino Schema Editor. If you need the core tModels defined in the UDDI spec just load the coreTModels.xml file with the help of the Tamino Data Loader to the collection named registry. The doc type name is tModel. If you also need some sample data just load the file businessEntitiies.xml to the businessEntity doc type in the same collection.
In case of any problems just send me an e-mail.

Zsolt Beothy-Elo