What is the difference between the two Trading Network bizDoc

what is the difference (on format or content) between internal bizDoc type and external bizDoc type in trading network?
Could you give me some advice/help?

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I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “internal” versus “external” bizdocs. A bizdoc is simply an envelope that Trading Networks wraps around a document, which includes the document content as well attribute information. Please clarify your question a bit, and we will be able to provide a better answer.


Hi Chris Verret,
I’m very sorry about the expression of the question.Trading Network have two document type about pip4c1,one is an internal user document,another is provider document,My question is what is the difference of the two document type.Could you give me some advice?

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There is no separate interna/external document for PIP’s.Actually internal document is like cannonical document which you need to map the inbound PIP4C1 document that you are receiving from the external source.