What is the central user usage in IS

Hi Team,

I am going through the IS User management section. I can see one user called central
what is the use of this central user?
if i want to change the central user password is it good to change or do we need to consider any factors?

i went through IS Admin guide but i could not find any thing relevant.

can any one please suggest how can get answers for my queries.


A bit unclear on what you are asking, could you please provide more info.

Are you referring to the Central User Management section? Then there is a section in the administrators guide dedicated to this ( Refer 10.7 IS Administrators guide, page 654) ,
In the installation , do you have multiple products /custom packages installed? Perhaps it is a user created by one of these packages?
If this doesn’t help you , you can attach a screenshot of what you are seeing.


HI Nagendra Prasad,

I am referring to the user under security-> userManagement-> and then the user called central.


From looking at the Groups, it appears that you have Monitor and MWS installed, I would suggest you check the MWS guide.

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