What is a Canonical Document?


I am new to wM, can someone tell me what is a canonical doc, and use, where should we use, caonical stratogy?



Take a look at “canonical format.”

Also, take a look at the “Publish-Subscribe Developer’s Guide” which is available during install and on Advantage.

Approach canonical documents with caution. Managing intermediate formats that are “application neutral” is not a trivial undertaking. In most of the efforts I’ve seen, the attempted use of canonical documents did not provide the desired flexibility and decoupling but simply added complexity.

My current client is using canonicals (and others have as well). They seem to be more trouble than they’re worth. For new transactions you have to create a canonical and then map to it and from it so lots of extra work. Then for additional transactions of the same type, you often have to modify the canonical and then regression test anything that uses it. You may need to handle different output/input versions to/from the canonical.

The idea is that you create a big generic canonical and then map to various standard formats, so it would be a lot of reuse but this doesn’t seem to happen as much as you’d think.


Few steps While creating a caninical documents .
1)Its name and structure should be in such a way that it can be used for multiple business processes.
2)Make sure you use the generic names for the canonical fields.
3)Keep a set of fields to be used in future to aviod unncessary revisions
4)Make sure the Canonical Addresses the requirements of business expansion.