Difference between Canonical document and ISDoc ....?

Hi all,

i have a small doubt…what is the difference between Canonical document and ISDoc…plz give me ASAP…


Asking for ASAP responses is rude and completely unnecessary.

Canonical means standard, more or less. Any document type could be declared to be the “standard” to be used by all applications.

Often, a canonical document is one that is application independent. This means the field names, structure and content are not tied to any single application.

A canonical document does not have to be application independent. For example, a company or department might decide to use the IDoc format, defined by SAP R/3, as the canoncial document form for data exchange.

Canonical document definitions are desirable because they can be used to reduce the number of format mappings needed. But they can be difficult to create because they need to support all the data that all the participating applications need.

An IS document is the in-memory representation of a document instance within Integration Server. It may or may not be a “canonical document.” An IS document is accessed using the IData interface, defined in the IS Java API.


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