Can Somebody Tell me the Usage of Canonical Document?

I am newly started to working
on webMethods B2B Integration. Just want to know why we should use the canonical document between source and target mapping. If we use that what can be the advantages. Can somebody help me?

Canonical is a common structure that doesn’t depend on any source or target systems structure in an Enterprise. If you don’t have Canonical, you might end up with multiple point to point integrations which results in ‘Spaghetti’ pattern

There can be one or more subscribers who are interested for one data, transformations and transportation specific to them… Addition or removal of one subscriber doesn’t affect your source system…

This might look as simple solution to start with but will end up with more complicated solution when more systems are into place…



Apart from above mentioned comments you should have the answer…I am assuming you asked question since it is being used in your project/scope or in general you want to know canonical vs common XML standards?..


Yes i have used the canonical for the following scenario only,

When source system sends the heavy load EDI min size (250kb) by that time instead of carrying complete size in pipeline we split EDI based on the envelops and mapped to canonical.

Correct me if am wrong in the following statements

when source system has any changes in output doc then we have to adapt those changes in existing mapping. That change seems to be more complicated than normal document to document mapping.

And also If more than one user interested on one data that can be managed by the source and target document in processing rule. Also Business changes can be done based on the partner in a document to document mapping itself. So its seems to be not going to be multi point transaction.

I understand your points above…You need to be a business analyst or reach out to your business analyst to build a common canonical document or design spec to manage source - target mappings etc…some people use basee OAG BOD’s (OAGIS) and start using that as starting point.