What does take to run a wM EDI environment with 500 Trading Partners

I have been consulting in wM for the past 6 years. I worked with Gentran & GIS for many years as well. I do appreciate any inputs from anyone. Here are the questions:

  1. A tyipcal scalable & fault tolerant wM infrastructure needs how many wM Architect and wM Admin?
  2. How many wm Developers / Mappers needed to support a wM environment with an initial rollout of 10 TP ?
  3. The rest of 500 TPs conversion from EDI mainframe legacy will be outsourced offshore. How many additional wM developers/Mappers needed to test, QA, and support for production providing that the 500 TPs will rolled out in phases of 20?
  4. Perhaps you can share your headcount in your shop with the amount of TPs that you have What does take to run a wM EDI environment with 500 Trading Partners

Additional info that can help in providing very rough guidelines include:

  • The number of different transaction sets to be mapped (e.g. 810, 850, 855, 860, 820, etc.)

  • How many variations of each are needed? If all 500 each have their own implementation guides for how an 850 needs to be constructed, then the number of people/length of time to develop will be much greater than if there are just a few variations.

  • What are the document volumes? Handfuls per day? Hundreds? Thousands? What are the peak loads? These will factor into “scalable” and “fault tolerant” decisions.

  • How quickly does the work need to be done? This will influence how many people are needed.

  • What staffing levels were used to develop the original implementations using Gentran? This can help guage how many will be needed for the reimplementation.

  • How many core staff that already understand the current processes and implementations would work on the implementation? Obviously the more the better.

I would caution against putting too much weight on any feedback you might receive in this forum. A sizing and development analysis for something of this size is definitely in order.

Can anyone tell me whether any is tool available to migrate maps from GIS or Gentran to Webmethods?
I would appreciate any input from the users.

Karthik, this probably should have been a new thread.

AFAIK, there are no tools to migrate EDI translations from one tool to another.

Hello Rob,

  There are tools available to convert translations from legacy EDI systems to bizdoc, websphere systems (COVAST). I guess there should be similar kind of tools for Webmethods also. A tool like this will make the migration work very easy.

Good to know. Thanks for the tip.

webMethods has a tool to convert from Gentran 400 and Gentran Mainfram to Flow. It was written by Satym but is available only thru PS.
Does about 60% to 70% of conversion.
There’s an old thread here on this.


Your best bet is to get someone like Chris to assist you with planning and perhaps implementing this migration. He’s our resident EDI expert and has done this zillions of times.


Hi ,

There is a tool / services package with webMethods PS to convert the
legacy map from INOVIS to webMethods mapping service.In my previous migration project we contacted webMethods PS, for some transaction sets like 214,832,850,860. But the map accuracy is not 100 percent and the Flow service generated will be very complex to trace, maintain.

But i am not sure for other transaction sets.

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