What ara the the imp DB steps in DB configuration

Is isinternal, iscoreaudit and crossreference important DB component to configured for any new installation .

Yes, its recommended you have an external jdbc pool configured and make sure that these components are installed and configured correctly.

What components of webMethods are you using?

Hi Mahesh,

Thanks for your reply

we need IS,TN and MWS .

If we configure this component correctly -what are the corresponding table names in our schemas -i mean both main and archive ?

those tables will have WM or IS or SERVICE name in it.

but there is nothing from configuration point which you have to do directly in tables.

all configurations you do through either IS administrator or MWS page.

There are many tables like WMSERVICE, WMERROR etc. You can check in your db schema after you run the DCC successfully.

More questions?


This is not quite correct.

See Monitor Administration Guide for Details.

IS and PE Archiving requires some configuration to the OPERATION_PARAMETER table, you have to mention the main schema there.

Additionall you have to grant SELECT and DELETE rights to the tables in the main schema to the archive schema.

Otherwise archiving will not work at all.

TN has the archive tables included in the same schema as the main tables.
These are prefixed by “ARCHIVE_”.


Holger, Thank you for correction.

i forgot about Archiving part and hence the comment.