websphere MQ Adapter connection initiation thru java

Hi Guys ,

I have a requirement of using websphere MQ adapater connection in Java program and using it will read MQ queue. We had custom java code ealrier which will drian the messages which we don’t want it now. If we can initiate the webMethods MQ adapter connection in java code it will be easy for us. Can anybody let us know how to create MQ adapter connection objects in java ? Appreciate your help.

Hi Satish,
Can you describe the reason for writing this logic in a java program & accessing MQ system to read data from it?
End of the day you read data from MQ. While you have easier way of doing this through MQ Notification or by creating consumer and pulling the data, why do you need to complicate it?


Hi Satish,

please reconsider your design.

It might be easier creating connections and adapter listeners, adapter listerner notifications to achieve this.

Or you will have to check for the IBM MQ API how to do this manually.


Satish – If already MQ is providing you necessary operations, why you want to go with custom one. Did you see any challenges ?


I guess your client does not have WebSphere MQ Adapter? Is it so?

In my past experience, we had a utility to put bulk messages in to MQ queue via java service. Just refer the below links and you write a java service in webMethods. Also take care of appropriate jars from IBM WebSphere MQ.


And refer IBM MQ API.