Can some one tell me the different types of webservices(in terms of interaction style) and how do we test webservices in webmethods?

According to me we have two type of webservices in wM


For webservices, we create WSDL. using that WSDL you can create a webservice connector and try posting data. This way you will be able to test the webservice.

Hope it answer your question.

Use SOAP-MSG whenever possible. SOAP-RPC can have interoperability issues.

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I have a doubt , In our environment we provide webservice as well as consume webservice from other applications, My doubt is when do we need to create a webservice alais, is it during the providing the webservice or consuming the webservice.And why do we need to do it.


It is a good practice to create an alias for both the Web Service Descriptor (WSD) provider and consumer. The benefit for this practice will be realized when you deploy from one stage to the next such as deploying from your Test environment to your Production environment. By assigning an alias to your WSDs, you can deploy from stage to stage smoothly without having to make any changes to your source code.

The host and port values included WSD web service endpoint alias provided as the input to the web service connector determine the host:port portion of the endpoint URL. So you could have different host and ports assigned in your different Integration Server environments but they all have the same alias name.