Webservices in webmethods

Hello friends,
Has anyone developed webservceis using the webMethods ISDevloper and Integration server?

Appreciate if I can be given feedback/ comments about the Webservices development capabality of webMethods server viz a viz other environment (e.g: Weblogic / Axis/ Systinet etc).

Thanks in advance,
Milan Doshi

Hi Milan,

Developing and consuming web services from webMethods can be done in a variety of ways, you can use the Integration Server to develop and consume web services, and you can also use glue to create and consume webservices from a Java environment (without integration server).

For the integration server you simply run through a wizard to expose your webMethods service as a Webservice by running through a wizrd, or similarly consume a web service by running through a wizard.

For Glue you use the java2wsdl and wsdl2java command line tools.

Glue out performs axis & weblogic (I haven used with systinet so cannot tell you)



Improve the quality of your services with WmUnit

Unit testing framework for webMethods http://www.customware.net/wmunit

Hi Rob,

In the reply message you said

Glue out performs axis & weblogic

Can you please [if you can] direct me to some information supporting the above statement.

Thanks you.
Ram Challuri

webMethods’ internal tests show that Glue offers high performance, often more than 1,000 messages per second (cf. webMethods Glue User’s Guide, page 15). This is mostly due to SOAP optimization techniques that can be selectively enabled or disabled in Glue, and requires Glue on both ends. A variety of other optimizations are also available.

That being said, this neither confirms or infirms claims with regards to Axis, WebLogic or any other web services providers. As with any performance tests, your mileage may vary.

Can WS-Security be implemneted using webMethods IS 6.1?

Nope, IS does not support WS-Security.

“Nope, IS does not support WS-Security. You’ll need to use Glue”

Now by saying WS-Security, are you talking about credentials passing while calling web service ?