Webservice Action not listing

Hi all,

Have a small issue. I think most of u have got answer for the same. I am trying to configure webservices ACTIONs for Rule violations. But some how the action list is not seen.
I had kept WSActionConfiguration.properties file at <optimize_home>\controller\conf\local\util …
But still not able to seen in action list…
For ur reference i will give the contents of WSActionConfiguration.properties…

[highlight=xml] <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Test Action file://D:/................/TestWebService.wsdl TestWebService Administrator aWPirfaX4ig=o9srZmUrudI= RuleName RuleDefinition RuleEvaluation Attributes Time [Additional Attribute] [/highlight]

Please help in this issue…Am i missing the something in the xml file? or configuraion.
I am using ManagerServer6.5

Hi all,

I got this error rectified, but it leads to another confusion. I had removed the loginid/password part from the xml.

But this is a required parameter right?
Can anyone please…

Thanks & Regards