webservice acknowledgement

How to get an webservice acknowledgement from client when client invokes a webservice on IS? This is like a 3 way communication between client and Server.

When you get the output of web service without error means you invoke it successfully, no need 3 ways communication.

Yes it make sense:

Hi Wang/rmg

Thanks for your reply.

But here webMethods act as provider where client invokes our webservice.
How can we know that webservice is invoked successfully?? as webMethods will acts as provider we will not get response from client.

If the web service is not invoked successfully, you will get the error message from error log. Or you can use try/catch block to catch the exception when the service is failed and then do some customized handling, for example log it and send notification mail.

And, the handling method above still can’t guarantee you control all the phases of service invoke, maybe the request is not received because some network issue, the client will get an error, and you get nothing.

To get only acknowledgment when client invokes webservice successfully, try to call “smtp” service end of try of block with your own message…You will get mail notification in success case