communication between webmethods and 3rd party

hi all
i am new in this webMethods.
trying to learn.
please can anyone tell me how webMethods communicate with 3rd party system.
i read by useing http,soap…
but dont know exacatly how?

Reading this post and following its suggestions might help you get better answers to your questions.


thanks a lot for your reply.
but this thing i allready read.
i didnt find any answers.
can u plz tell me with which specific method like connector,listener,
adapter webMethods communicate with third party system.

If you searched through this forum and couldn’t find any help on how to use SOAP or HTTP with the webMethods Product Suite or how to connect to various third party systems, I would suggest you consider a career change.

Stop wasting very busy people’s time with general tell me everything you know questions and do your homework, and maybe possibly attend some training, get a mentor in your company.

thanks for your suggetion