Webpage calling wmtnwebqueryFlowsearchPageFlow

I have a DSP page created for mass changing UserStatus, and another for feeding a list of DocumentID’s to reprocess. As part of the selection criteria, i select the document type from a drop down list which comes from wm.tnweb.queryFlow:searchPageFlow. This has worked fine for me, but not for others. If i run that service from developer for them, i get nothing returned, but for me i get all the good info. I made sure they were in TNAdministrator, TNPartners, and i even rebuild the repository entries by setting tn.webmgr.60config=true to false while IS was down. Why wouldn’t this work for others?
I’m using V6.0.1

Make sure the other users also have Administrators ACLS then login the Developer and try it.No need of TNPartner ACL for them,TNAdministrator should be fine.

Even for me wm.tnweb.queryFlow:searchPageFlow is executing and showing the expected results.(I have all privileges).

Just my thougts,

I logged in as her and wasn’t able to get wm.tnweb.queryFlow:searchPageFlow to return the required results. She is in Administrator, TNAdministrators, TNPartners, and Everybody.

The Get from repo is messing things up (it doesn’t return anything for her). Doesn anyone know how to make the ‘get’ work?

Then problem might be with her Developer tool,have you tried creating another new user…since the same service working for you,so i dont think this is related to repo error.

Just my thoughts,

Found the problem. You must execute %invoke wm.tnweb.configFlow:loadMenu% first as is done in the menu.dsp for the WmTNWeb homepage, which will lock the repo entry needed.

Glad it worked.Thanks for the update.