flow service not appearing in developer

I have a strange problem.
We have two environments DEV and TESTING.
I have a pakcage named “PACKAGE1” that is deployed in TESTING which has flow service: “test1”.
I have exported the package “PACKAGE1” from TESTING to replicate inbound directory of DEV env and deployed that package from Administrator. But in DEV developer, I can’t see “test1” flow service for the package “PACKAGE1”.
When I tried to create a new flow service with name “test1”, it creates “test1_1” as if flow service already exists.
What should I do in the wM “developer” to see PACKAGE1.test1 flow service. We have wM 6.5.

I have noticed one this. This flow service is created using Administrator user and when I login using a user which does not have admin previleges this is not appearing. Is there any flag or something that I need to modify to make this flow service visible to all the users?

Going forward, you should try to create the flow service as Developer role, not Administrator role.

Remeber that the package name is not part of the service’s fully qualified name. The fully qualified name of a service, or document type or any other IS component begins with the name of a top-level folder in the package in the form folder.subfolder.subfolder:service.

Two packages may have the same top level folder names, but the elements in those folders must be uniquely named. It is likely that you have another package or another folder with the same name as the one you are attempting to deploy.


Thank you for your quick replies. Here is the solution that I found out:

My flow service “test1” was created using admin user and “List ACL” and “Execute ACL” were having “TN Partners” as their values.
But when I checked in the Administrator, the user eg: user1 that I was logging in was not in “TN Partners” group.

So I put the user that I was logging in eg:user1( in which i was not finding the “test1” flow service) under the “TN Partners” group. Logged into the developer with user1, then I was able to see the flow service!

Please check the ACL for Package.