webmethods version 9

Hi guys,

is any one installed webmethods version 9. is it stable?? we planing to upgrade from 8.01 to 9 on top installation.
Please advise.


Hi Sha,
Some of the customers like J&J have already upgraded to 90 and many more 90 upgrades are in pipeline. Assuming ontop is Overinstall, there is no overinstall support for 8.0 to 90, you should do only side-by-side migration.


Hi ,

I am trying to use start and commit transaction in V 9.5 and find that the input to these services has changed from startTransactionInput/transactionName to $dbAlias, $dbURL, $dbUser, $dbPass, $dbDriver.
It is throwing error if I leave these as blank. Since I am trying to connect to MS SQL on Amazon RDS I do not have a URL and have only the
DB Server name, Port, DB instance identifier, username and password.
Please let me know how the transaction handling can be done in 9.5.
Also, the buil in service document for 9.5 is not updated.

Checked the services you mentioned, the input is still transactionName, no change.

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