Webmethods Trial version installation error on MAC


Could you please help with the error which I receive while trying to install the free Webmethods on my Mac.



Screen shots are not clear, can you please copy paste the error message.

Before installing did you check the hardware requirement. Can you share your Macintosh OS details.

my OS is 10.9.3 and the error text is:
The installation image /Users/kmalik/Downloads/webMFREEDownload96(Linux64bit).zip is a Linux RHEL and SLES x86-64 image. To install on this system, you must use a Apple Mac OSX image.

I guess the issue with the image file. Please check the below link for the pointers:


And email technologycommunity@softwareag.com with all the required details.

Let me know once you hear from them.

Deriving from the error message you have created/received the wrong version of the image.

Can you try to create/request a new one for MAC OSX?


Thanks for your reply.

I have been told (Technology Community) that there is no mac version for free trail. Hence, I am stuck on this issue. It would be great if you can guide me to the right people.



try to install a Linux virtual machine on your mac, then your image will work,