WebMethods Trading Networks using JAVA APIs

Hi all,

I am new to webmethods, I need to check the status of Trading Network’ Processing Rules’ action, for example, whether service has been executed,email has been sent, user status has been changed etc. using Java. I searched on the internet but could not find any valuable information, where can I find the java APIs for this task. Also if any of you know how to do the above task using Java please let me know the
steps(overview) to do it.


not very clear on what you are trying to do here.
Rule doesn’t have status, document has status, if you want to check doc status, there are ways.

Do you want to do something when a TN processing rule is triggered?
Will this intended Java code be running inside IS or stand alone?
Pls clarify.

My requirement is, I need to check if a service which is provided in the document is invoked or not, whether email has been sent or not, whether user status has been changed or not etc. So, its more like log activity I can say & I need to do this using JAVA APIs.

Also, the JAVA code should be standalone one.

If I am still confusing you, please let me know.

For a service, you can just turn on the audit logging, so you will know when the service is executed. (you can use client (including java) code to check audit log db so check when each service was called).

For if or not email sent out, you can cc to a mail box, or you create email service, so you can use standard audit logging method to tracking if it’s call.

for doc user status change, you can check doc status with API any time, but if you want to know when the status changed, you need to query the activity log for that.

Still, It doesn’t make much sense to use a stand alone java system to check all these. IS already made most of these info easily available.
hope i understand you correctly.

We have got a software tool in our office & we need to integrate this java code, for Trading Networks, with that tool. Can you please let me know where can I find JAVA API reference document for web methods Trading Network. Also, can you please let me know the steps about how to look at the activity log using JAVA APIs.
May I know your e-mail id so that we can chat on this issue.


I found JAVA APIs for Trading Networks. I could able to connect to Trading Networks using context.connect(hostname, userName, pswd) but how can I get BizDocEnvelope?

What am I thinking is that, with BizDocEnvelope I can get BizDocErrorSet(using BizDocEnvelope.getErrorSet) & with BizDocErrorSet I can get ActivityLogEntry
(using BizDocErrorSet.getErrors) which displays information about document status like exceuting a service, user status changed, email alert etc.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

I think any TN Java API provided by WM is intended to be used inside IS.
even you want to retrieve info from you java client, you don’t want to retrieve WM native objects remotely.
I suggest that you create IS locale service (in flow service) to retrieve what ever info you need for your tracking. expose it as web service and consume them in your java client.

For IS local service check WmTN pacakge.