webMethods SOA

i’m new to SOA concepts.
may i know how SOA can be implemented using webMethods. is it required to create a web service for this purpose? do we have any tutorial related to ‘implementing SOA through webMethods’ ? Or is there any Module for SOA available in wM 6.5 , like we have modules for eStandards(EDI,Rosettanet,etc.).
dear all, i’d also like to know regarding any documentation/best practicez related to this … plz help… thanks!

A Dev Guy…:rofl:

I couldn’t tell from your post if you were actually serious or not. The questions were a little off. SOA is not a technology. If you are interested in SOA concepts, I would recommend reading Thomas Erl’s books on SOA. They will provide a solid foundation to the concepts.

Web Services (which should not be confused with SOA) can be implemented in webMethods Integration Server. There are about a million posts on this site about that subject.

webMethods latest purchase (Infravio) is designed to incorporate web services management and SOA governance into the webMethods line of products.

Another resource to consider is “Integration and SOA: Concepts, Technologies, and Best Practices”, which was written by webMethods’ Gary So and Beth Gold-Bernstein of ebizQ. While not written as a guide to webMethods technology nor as a developer manual per se, it does provide a good overview of the subject. Best of all, its free - you can find a link on the homepage or you can access it directly at http://www.ebizq.net/soaebook