webMethods Simple interval tasks and Complex repeating tasks are breaking.


I have a problem with webMethods schedulers.
They are breaking and showing their next run time as 0. For again to start the schedulers I need to restart the Integration server.
Instead of restarting the server, if I disable and enable the scheduler that schedule is working for one time and again stopping at 0. i.e; the next interval as 0 seconds.

The error logged at time of schedulers break time is :

java.sql.SQLException: Cannot issue commit in a nested connection when there is a pending operation in the parent connection.

IS version 7.1.2

Simple Interval repeating interval is like 5 seconds, 7 seconds and 10 seconds like wise… Many Thanks in advance.


Hi Hari,

what is your Fix-Level for IS 7.1.2?

What is your DataDirect-Driver-Version (common/lib/ext/sl53-cj??.jar)?
Any SCG_7.1.2_DataDirect-Fix applied?

What is your databse vendor and version?


Hi Holger

Thanks for your response.

The JDBC Adapter fix level is - JDBC_6-5_Fix11

The DataDirect-Driver-Version is - common/lib/ext/sl53-cj40.jar

The Database vendor and version is - IBM-DB2 (9.7.7)


Hi Hari,

JDBC-Adapter is not involved in IS-internal Database-handling.
Latest Fix available is Fix51.

I just checked the System Requirements Guide for webMethods 7.x and found out that wM 7.x only supports IBM DB2 up to 9.5.

Can you open the sl53_cj40.jar with JAR or 7zip and extract the following files:

  • fixes_40_???.txt
  • jdbcreadme_40_???.txt
    The question marks refer to the Buildnumber of the DataDirect driver.
    I am not sure about the DataDirect 4.0 Driver but for SCG_7.1.3_DataDirect42_Fix3 it is 0011.
    The original DataDirect 3.6 shipped with IS 7.1.2 has Buildnumber 0007 here.

Which sl53_cj??.jar is listed in the classpath in the IntegrationServer/bin/ini.cnf?

As an option for a workaround you can download the SCG_7.1.3_DataDirect40_Fix3 resp. SCG_7.1.3_DataDirect42_Fix3 and test these.

What is your IS_7.1.2_Core Fix-Level?
Any SCG_7.1.2_* applied?

You should consider upgrading to 7.1.3 with latest Fixes soon for planning an upgrade to a more recent (and supported) 9.x version.