webmethods portal session management with Sun's Policy Agent

We are having this session management issue with wM portal when the session timed out. When a user session times out, we get an async pop up at the top of the current page with the message ‘Your session has timed out. Please login again’ where the ‘login’ word is a link to the current page (or alias.) However, we want to prevent the user from coming back to the current page if the session has timed out. I was wondering if we could customize the target of this ‘login’ link so that we can redirect user the right page?

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Yes you can customize a login target property of wm_login portlet which is responsible for logging user in. Out of the box there are two login pages being used (controlled by login page rules, and also you can create your own login page)

Those pages are:
Folders > Start (this is a default login page)
Folders > My webMethods Applications > webMethods Application Data > My webMethods Login Page


Hi Alex,

Can you please tell me where do I modify the login target property?

Hi Alex,

I am new to this technology.
I want to add drop down on default Login page, this drop down will contain the Localization Country+Language(Locale) and I want to send the selected value from drop to internal portal application. Can you please suggest me the way to achieve this.

My requirement is:

  1. How to add drop down on default login page and where & what kind of code changes I need for this.
  2. How to set the selected value of the drop down to the session which I can get into the internal portlet application (API to used for this)
  3. What are the steps to deploy and test those changes.

thanks in advance.

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