Two login page for MWS - Custom login page and default page

Hi ,

I have created a custom login page and on submit i am authenticating the users with a customised authentication service. I have set this page in the first order in the MWS login page rule.

The issue is when i type the url http://:8585 . It is showing the custom login page.
Since i am not able to go the default login page ,I am not able to login with the sysadmin/Administrator or any other users configured in the MWS.

I want to have two different pages for login. I mean two URLs for the two different pages. so that it will not affect the existing default login page.

Can any one help me in achieving this.

Saravanan G


I have created an alias name for the custom login page and make it anonymous. Now i am able to use two different login pages.

Saravanan G


I am new to this technology.
I want to add drop down on default Login page, this drop down will contain the Localization String i.e Country+Language(Locale) and I want to send the selected value from drop to internal portal application. Can you please suggest me the way to achieve this.

My requirement is:

  1. How to add drop down on default login page and where & what kind of code changes I need for this.
  2. How to set the selected value of the drop down to the session which I can get into the internal portlet application (API to used for this)
  3. What are the steps to deploy and test those changes.

thanks in advance.

Rupesh Chakole