webMethods Migration - Subversion

We are upgrading from 8.2 to 9.8. We had Subversion integrated with IS in version 8.2. Our Subversion has all the history of all the services from 8.2.
Now we want to connect same Subversion repository from version 9.8 so that we can retain all the history. Could someone shed some light on how can this be achieved? Any help is appreciated.


Hi Ashutosh,

you should be able to configure the wM 9.8 instance in the same way as the wM 8.2 instance.

After that do a fresh checkout of your code and prepare the migration.

As the history is maintained in the repository and not in the IS it will survive the switching from one instance to another one.

Make sure all objects have been checked in/unlocked from the old instance before switching.


Hi Holger,

Thanks for your reply. Could you please explain your second line here
" After that do a fresh checkout of your code and prepare the migration."

I have successfully connected version 9.8 to my Subversion repository. Version 9.8 has all the code from version 8.2.
Everything is checked in Subversion. While I am trying to checkout any service from version 9.8, its getting this error.

svn: Server sent unexpected return value (405 Method Not Allowed) in response to MKCOL

Checking the server log, it looks like IS is trying to insert the service, while it is already present in Subversion. How do I make my new IS aware of the services already present in Subversion.


Hi Ashutosh,

this look like the IS already has the packages locally migrated without pulling them from SVN before and it does not know that the sources should be versioned. Therefore it tries to add them.

Can you backup the migrated sources and remove them from IS?
Restart IS afterwards.
Then pull the versioned sources from SVN to IS.

Now you have two options:

  1. migrate these once more and check them in.
  2. replace the checked out unmigrated sources with the migrated ones backup previously and check these in.

Unfortunately I am not able to reproduce this on my side as I am unable to use this feature due to some configuration issues I cannot get setup through my SVN Administration team.


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Hi Holger,
Thank for your pointing me to the right direction. Here are the steps that needs to be taken to do this migration.

In the new version

  1. Delete all the user packages, if existed (Take backup, if needed)
  2. Choose Subversion as your version control tool
  3. Restart IS
  4. Connect with old repository (With reconnect option)
  5. Shutdown IS
  6. Checkout all the packages using command prompt and SVN checkout command to new versions package directory (svn checkout --depth infinity -r HEAD http://<abc.com>/svn/TestRepo/packages D:\webMethods98\IntegrationServer\instances\default\packages)
  7. Now start Integration server
  8. Load all the packages from backup or migrate them from old version
  9. Should be able to do checkin/choutout and see old history.
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Good deal as long it worked with the steps you have narrated :smiley:

1)My company is planning to migrate from ESB 9.9 to 9.12 in the coming months.
2) What we is changing and how it will impact us as ESB Support team. What are all the activities that we currently do will be impacted or changed because of this migration.
Can anyone explain me whole procedure of migration in detail.?

Hi Yogeshwar,

you should have opened a new thread for your question.

Please have a look at the Upgrade Guide for wM 9.12 for details about upgrading.
You will need to check ALL intermediate Build-In-Services Guides for the components you are using for deprecated or changed services.