webMethods Migration From 8.2 To 10.2

Hi Team,
My client is thinking of migrating from wM 8.2 to 10.2 .Current webMethods is on Oracle DB .Will there be any issues if we use SQL for 10.2 .Assuming that we dont have any client metadata on Oracle DB.


What products are you looking to migrate? Also I am guessing that there is no plan to migrate any operational data.


this will be a 2-hop migration (both side-by-side) anyway.

Please check the Upgrade Pathes documentation and the Upgrading webMethods Products Guide for details.

What type of SQL are you referring to (MySQL or MS SQL)?

Changing DB Vendor type should be considered carefully as this might cause additional efforts beside of just migrating the code.



10.2 is an innovation release and has already reached end of maintance. You should either go to 10.1 (released Oct 2017) or 10.3 which has been released last week (Oct 2018). Naturally 10.3 currently gives you the longest remaining maintance period.



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Hi Shankar,

Cross database webmethods upgrade is not possible and not supported. You can only upgrade from older Oracle DB to newer Oracle DBA version.