Webmethods metering

Hello All,

Did anyone work on webMethods metering on 10.5 version or higher ?

I have tried to do the set up in free WM 10.11 version and updated the free cloud metering URL in the configuration and could see the simulating metrics being populated in server.log after enabling the property watt.server.metering.simulator.enabled to true.

But unable to see anything coming in cloud nor the storage folder.

Can anyone suggest few ideas to move further ?

I think you will not be able to simulate the cloud metering in the free webMethods 10.11 version.
As the cloud metering is integrated with webMethods Integration Server Enterprise edition.
Even in your question, you said that you have tried to do the setup in the free WM 10.11 version.
I think the webMethods Integration Server Enterprise edition is required for setting up the cloud metering.

I have the same setup in WM 10.5 enterprise edition but I’m unable to generate the simulation metrics.

If you would like a tool to help you get an ideal on what services contribute to transactions and how many you could try out this package.


Thanks @John_Carter4 , Am looking for webMethods metering specifically. So would like know its configuration.

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