Install Apigateway metering tool

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We have installed software AG API gateway 10.15 in our testing environment and we are able to access integration server and webMethods API gateway UI. I need to enable/install metering tool on apigateway. how do i do it?
Do i need to configure anything from Integration server or webMethods API dashboard?

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Metering tool is specific to integration server, and it can be enabled with the watt parameter (watt.server.metering.simulator.enabled). This creates metering.log file.

Thank you for the response. I want to generate report of metering from, I followed some documentations and now i have access to the metering app inside my dashboard in but it is not showing any data.

How do i configure my Integration Server to send data to my dashboard?


@Hamza_Khalid Okay, I didn’t realise you are talking about softwareag cloud, rather onprem.

For sag cloud, sag would be hosting the base platform with multi tenant mode where you are assigned as one of the tenant. You may have to reach out to the sag cloud platform team (via ticket?) as this might need to be checked in underlying platform if this configuration is set. Or others in the forum who have worked on sag cloud might respond if they had come across similar needs. Thanks.


On-premise metering data is centralized in, we’re not talking about an iPaaS deployment here. is for the metering simulator.
The documentation to set up the metering agent in the self-hosted runtimes is there: