Webmethods IS server error 'Error while executing command 'mkdir': Failure'


We are getting the following error in our 10.1 WM Integration server logs for last few days. Did anyone face this error before or have an idea on the issue which triggers this error? Thanks in Advance, stay safe.

[ISP.0147.0004E] Error while executing command ‘mkdir’: Failure



I have never faced this before, Please check the startup services on your packages to see if you can find anything.

Natarajan R

Hi Tamit,

you will have to find out where mkdir is called inside your IS.

Are you using execOSCommand somewhere in your code?

Was this working earlier or not?
When it was working in the past: Where any changes to your environment?
Did you check permissions and space on your OS where the directory should be created?

There should be a more meaningful error message why mkdir did not succeed beside just mentioning “Failure”.


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Hi Tamit,

Can you put trace pipeline and see more details for error?
Check if you are passing all required params correctly while calling this “mkdir” .
Are you referring to sftp built-in service or command on executeOS?

We might need more details to help you on this issue at the moment.

Firoz Nalband.

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