Webmethods IS 9.8 support for Oracle 19c DB

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Can anyone please confirm whether webmethods IS 9.8 supports Oracle 19c database JDBC connection.

webMethods Adapter for JDBC Version 9.0
Webmethods IS version is
Driver is ojdbc6.jar

Raghavendra G

No. JDBC adapter 9.0 running on IS 9.8 supports Oracle 10g to 12c only.

19c use this driver:

12c uSe this driver:

Both versions HSBC drivers certified and should run on JFK 8 and above.

OJdbc6.jar is driver for 11g that certified with JDK6 to JDK8.

It’s not right to mix HSBC driver for lower version and use with Oracle db on higher version.


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Thanks Mike,

In below documentation

Page 33 - says JDBC adapter 9.0 now supports Oracle 19c

Also below KB article says, IS 9.8 now supporting oracle 19c (also any recommendation to upgrade driver version not mentioned )



As long as there is an ojdbc8.jar provided by Oracle this can be used to connect to any Oracle version from 9.2 up to the version of the driver. Therefore the 19c driver should be able to connect to 19c where as the 12c driver is able to connect to databases up to 12c, but not neccessarily to 19c (might be working, but you should be aware that not all new features will be available).

Regarding the built in DataDirect Driver for IS/MWS and others make sure to apply the latest SharedComponents and ThirdParty-Fixes, which might contain updated versions for the driver dd-cjdbc.jar.
See readmes for the fixes for details.
Check for Fixes which start with either SCG, TPP or TPS in the Readme-File-Name.
Usually they have the value “DataDirect” in their name as well.
Most likely this will be “SCG_9.8_DataDirect5_Fix2” then.



For most accurate info, just refer to the webMethods Adapter System Requirement document as they’ll just provide support based on the certified list there.

If you’re using Oracle driver to connect, it’s up to the implementer to find the suitable driver.

For example if you’re using 19c database, you can see here:

Even oracle doesn’t provide official support to use ojdbc6.jar to connect to Oracle 19c.

You may try to use ojdbc6.jar to connect and it might work. But in case it didn’t work for some features, you might have to find a way to resolve yourself since the driver is not even supported at Oracle site to connect to Oracle 19c.

So the safest way is get ojdbc8.jar to connect to Oracle 19c, since it’s listed as one of those supported driver.

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