webMethods.io B2B v1.4 Release Announcement

The Software AG B2B team is pleased to announce the July release (V1.4) of webMethods.io B2B for iPaaS.

It is now available to all B2B.io subscribers or through a free demo at webMethods.io.

webMethods.io B2B v1.4

Beginning on August 3rd, exciting new features, refinements, the introduction of RosettaNet – and a brand-new home page - are all ready-for-use with the latest version of webMethods.io B2B

All new features and expanded capabilities include:

    • Extended XML Support
    • Processing Rule Enhancements
    • Audit Log Additions
    • SFTP Communication Channel Expansion
    • Transaction Analytics
    • Custom Attributes Added for eStandard Documents
    • Document Submission Tool
    • Transaction Archiving and Purge
    • Custom Control Number Support