webMethods.io API v10.12 Release Announcement

Release Announcement

Today, Software AG is excited to announce the release of webMethods.io API v10.12.

API Gateway

Some of the highlights of this release include:

  1. Free Forever Subscription - You can upgrade your 30-day trial tenant to the Free Forever Edition, anytime during the trial period. Free Forever subscription does not have an expiry date and you can use up to 10000 transactions per month.
  2. PKCE Enhancements - Added PKCE support for OAuth 2.0 public clients that uses the Authorization Code Grant (at application level).
  3. Rate limiting improvements - Usage improvements to the Traffic optimization policy. Going forward, it’s easy to configure rate-limiting that applies to each consumer through a single policy.
  4. Asset approval process enhancements - When creating a team or editing it, Administrator can now specify approvers. The nominated approvers can view the pending approvals for the assets that are associated with their respective teams and can approve them.

Developer Portal

Some of the highlights of this release include:

  1. Gainsight integration - Developer Portal is now integrated with the Gainsight Product Experience platform that enables the collection of Developer Portal usage information.
  2. Role-based access for custom pages - The Customization feature is enhanced. As an administrator, you can assign or remove permissions, to certain users, for a custom page by selecting the required privilege, community, groups, or individual users.
  3. Audit events logs in UI - A new screen, Events log, is introduced to display the list of audit events that are recorded as a part of the lifecycle of Developer Portal objects like API, Packages, Applications, and so on.
  4. Enterprise Disaster Recovery Support - Developer Portal offers Enterprise Disaster Recovery support for Azure cloud hosting.

For further details, please refer: webMethods.io API v10.12 API Gateway - Release Notes and webMethods.io API v10.12 Developer Portal - Release Notes


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