webMethods.io Developer Portal 11.0 Release Announcement

I’m happy to announce the release of webMethods.io Developer Portal v11.0. We have added many features that are highly sought after by our customers to build their API Marketplaces and internal developer portals. See the highlights below and our release readme for more details.

Hackathons and Beta Programs Support

What’s a better way to reach more developers to create applications with your APIs than hackathons and beta programs? With these fun contests and campaigns, you can increase your API consumer base, get developers create innovative applications that will drive more API traffic, and gather feedback on new APIs to see if they are worth the investment. webMethods.io Developer Portal v11.0 allows you to host these fun programs right where your APIs are published.

Copying API endpoint code snippets

You select the API resource, the method, and the programming language, and voila! You can see the code that you need to call that endpoint and easily copy & paste it into your application. This handy feature will allow developers to quickly use your APIs in their applications.

Provider isolation for managing APIs and packages

We are truly committed to helping you create API Marketplaces where you invite your multiple business partners to provide and consume APIs in a single platform. To enable this use case, it is important to let only those who own an API to manage it. With this release, we added a new privilege called “Partner” who only sees and manages their own APIs. They can also assign ownership to team members.

Ability to invite users

To quickly add new users to browse your APIs and create applications, we added the ability to invite users who will receive an email with instructions to onboard and select their own passwords.

Changing the home screen language

You run an international business and you have consumers speaking different languages. That’s why, you would like to enable them to select what language they see the Developer Portal even before logging in. We added a configuration to do just that.

This is a subset of all the cool features we added to the Developer Portal. Check out the comprehensive list in the release readme, and better yet start using the Developer Portal!

You can schedule upgrade to this new release by opening a support ticket. Starting on April 12th, 2024 we will automatically upgrade all tenants.