webMethods interaction with EDI VAN

Hi all out there,

I’m currently delivery a B2B project and have hit issue. The problem is that the customers Trading Partner (TP) interacts only through a VAN which in this case is advantis.

From our end we do not want to go through VAN or pay for a mailbox account on a VAN. Instead we want to connect directly from our Integration Server 4.6 setup, into the TP’s advantis VAN.

Has anyone done this type of activity before. I would like to know if it’s technically feasible for the advantis VAN, and if so any sharing of how this is done would be greatly appreciated.

Rgds, Hoon Kim (Hewlett-Packard Consulting)

Hi Kim,

I haven’t tried to connect to other VAN’s.
But you can use VAN connectivity in the WmEDIforTN
and connect using VANftp service.
Inorder to do that you should get authentication from other Advantis VAN to ftp to their VAN, if they agree , then there should be no problem.

Hope this helps!!!.


At first blush, I think connecting to advantis requires sftp, which webmethods VANftp doesn’t support :frowning:

Someone please prove me wrong!